Discouragement (and a new poem) for Tupelo Press Poetry 30/30 Project Day 16

So you’re not imagining things, I didn’t post a poem yesterday, August 15th.  I really feel like I’ve been limping through this second week for the project since getting back from the Glen Workshop last Sunday and coming down with an icky cold. Then yesterday, I got my fundraising update from Tupelo Press letting me know that I have not received any donations for my daily writing activities over the past two weeks.  I have not wanted to do “the hard sell” or beg for dollars from my equally cash-strapped friends.  But it looks like I’m going to need to do that. 🙂  If you’re reading this, would you consider giving $5 to help support the literary arts?  If you can do that, simply click on this page and select my name when you make your donation.

I do have a new poem up today, which is one that I wrote earlier this summer and then worked on a bit during Glen Workshop, called Constantinople 1453.

This weekend I’m flying solo with childcare and my little one didn’t take any of his regular naps yesterday, which means my normal writing time did not materialize.  Sigh.  I am beginning to realize that this marathon-style writing is not actually reflective of the way that I write, but I hope to be reinvigorated for the last two weeks.  I’m grateful for Nanas and Grandpas who have been helping me carve out time away from mommying to pursue my writing!



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