“Passengers” Tupelo Press Poetry 30/30 Project Day 6

Okay, so the first thing I’ll say about today’s poem, Passengers, is to be sure to go read it at Tupelo’s site.  For whatever reason, the spacing isn’t translating well on the blog, despite my efforts.  I don’t usually write with unjustified lines, so I wanted to play with something different, letting the lines ebb and rock like a boat on water, mirroring the setting of the poem. That said, the poem I’ve posted here doesn’t quite look right, alas.

Secondly, I have changed the title from my original plan, which was to call it “Apostate,” which I think is a pretty challenging title.  I hope that the impact of the moment I’m trying to render still registers, but I wanted to make the title a little less dramatic so as to allow for more ambiguity and approaches to the scene.


As a reminder, the goal of this project is to help Tupelo raise money for it’s publishing endeavors.  If you are able, consider giving $5 on my behalf to help out.  Here is the link to their online donation system. Thanks!

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